• Green

    A single cherry tree

    A hummingbird colored chartreuse and gold

    Flying so close to my head I think it will land on me

    Bare feet

    Bright green beneath me sprouting between my toes

    The hem of my dress swinging around my knees

    Grass stains covering the silk fabric

    I know they’ll never come out.

    Remnants of

    Honey lemon iced tea made by

    My boyfriend coat the back of my throat

    The smell of his old cologne sticking to me in places

    I cannot reach with my eyes and the ghost of his touch is present.

    I smile.

  • French Baguette Waltz on 2

    There’s no feeling like you et me

    Perhaps la douceur of me in your paume

    Twirling like a dancer, free

    A piece of your music box charm

    You spread me on your french baguette

    I’m melted and sweet and predictable

    I make you taste better; ma saveur est prête

    Together, nous sommes formidable

    Loneliness is very sour

    You and I have known it well

    Why don’t we, at the top of this hour

    Drink all our shoelaces and eggshells?

    I would like to know your soul

    Je n’aimerais pas être seul.

  • Kitty Kravings

    I landed on the door handle swiftly and I heard the weak lock detach from the frame. As I glided back down to the hardwood I pressed my nose to the small crack in the door and pushed it open, taking care not to make a sound. I could smell glory two rooms over.

    I had to sneak through the dining room, a space filled with humans that I needed to make sure wouldn’t spot me. Servant Emma would put me back in that putrid room if she found out I escaped. I crept behind a low table and glanced over at Servant Emma sitting on my couch. She was a lovely servant, bright eyes, gave perfect head scratches, and always added a spoonful of tuna to my dish on Fridays. She was chatting with Putrid Bernard. He refused to scratch under my chin no matter how often I rubbed against him, and the one time he did try to touch me, he reached for my belly! I clawed him of course, but the memory still haunts me. He would make for a terrible second servant, I thought.

    I continued my stealth mission. The smell of glory grew richer, coating my nostrils and fueling my morale. One of Servant Emma’s humans let out a putrid laugh and threw her body backwards, almost stepping on me as I neared the kitchen. I kept quiet, shrunk behind the table, and waited for her to move. Then I was home free. I made it inside and the delectable scent of glory filled me. I needed it. First I sat on the checkered tiles and exhaled, reminding myself that I was a fierce warrior and protector of apartment H37 as well as Servant Emma. I could do anything. I shifted my weight on my front paws before making a perfect leap to the countertop.

    There it was. Glory. A full plate of cooked salmon smothered in a rich, dark fish sauce, lightly peppered. Servant Emma had let me try a bite once before when she had humans over and ever since I had been craving another mouthful. I neared the steaming fish and got one lick before I heard her.

    “Wallace!” She called out to me. Servant Emma quickly stormed into the kitchen. I mewed at her to leave me to my feast, but she scooped me into her arms faster than I could dig my claws into the salmon. She brought me back to the isolation room despite my loud protests and placed my food dish of plain Kitty Kravings in front of me before leaving and locking the door. I leaned forward and sniffed the kibble. Putrid.

  • Kihei, Maui, Hawai’i, USA

    Hawai’i is everything that you think it is. Lush vegetation, black volcanic landscape, incredibly kind locals, and colors so vibrant you question if they’re real.

    I had the humbling privilege of going to Maui as a college graduation gift a few weeks ago, and I can honestly say it’s one of the best trips I’ve ever been on. Choosing to spend most of our time bouncing back and forth between beaches, ice cream shops, and our cozy hotel, my friend, R, and I explored the town of Kihei.

    Kihei seemed to have one foot in the past and one in the present. There was a comforting and nostalgic 90s vibe to the town. The font everything was written in was bubbly and bold colors. There were a bunch of shiny, old cars cruisin’ down the street. Everyone was wearing denim and listening to Hawaiian acoustic guitar on the radio. It was a shimmering dream of place.

    Did you know that sea turtles just swim right up to you on the beach? One day R and I saw almost 5 or 6 sea turtles swimming near us! We didn’t touch, of course, we’d never wanna disrupt the wildlife, but they were stunning. As green and massive as they look in any David Attenborough documentary. And the crabs were… adorably creepy. And the chickens! There were so many chickens. Like, more chickens than I can even accurately describe to you here.

    But what I loved most about Maui had to be the chill and friendly attitudes of the locals. One phrase I kept hearing was “island time”, which is like real time, except you don’t feel impending doom. From what I could see, island time refers to how slow everything is on the island. Driving slow, walking slow, eating slow, slow easy conversations that melt together like ice. After the rush of college life and work, it felt so lovely to be slow! We could all use a little more island time.

  • About Me

    Hello everyone! I’m Chèna and welcome to my blog space 🙂 What is this blog for? Well, sometimes when I want to unwind and just write about the little thoughts floating around in my head, I come here to do so. It’s like a landing pad for me so I can let things out, think about things out loud (online), and regain some peace. I hope this can be a peaceful place for you all as readers too.